Our Team

The Gospic Team

Gospic Development Team and Founding members

Alkis Pananakakis (Co-Founder-CEO)

Alkis being passionate with technology from a very young age came up with the idea along with his partner George and performed every task together until they raised $100.000 fund and started recruiting their own team. He has lead and manage family owned companies involved in the fields of Trading, Physiotherapy and Restaurants. He studied Computer Science at Deree-The American College of Greece.

Alkis manages various aspects regarding the development of Gospic application and he leads the team.

George Parlakidis (Co-Founder-CFO)

He studies Economics at the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Having experience from working in the financial domain of Grand Resort, one of the leading and most luxurious hotels in the world, George mainly monitors the financials related to the Gospic development. He is also heavily involved in testing the results of the software development/delivery team and proposes various enhancements from the user point of view.

Tonia Pananakaki (Marketing)

Tonia being undergraduate at the Deree- American College of Greece in the field of Finance, at the same time studying in the Athens University of Economics and Business (International economics studies) and an honored awarded student is responsible for Gospic’s Marketing side. Tonia given her age has already worked in the companies X-MED and Champions ID, responsible for Social Media advertisement, Mapping for sports ecosystem and sport industry, recruiting professional partners and strategic customers, Supervise and monitor content, Tracking and improving engagements metrics of platform users,Maintained a filing system and organized the office and Coordinating e-shop activities.

Dimitris Kalogiros (Senior Advisor)

An electrical engineer with More than 15 years experience on design, implementation, integration and testing of algorithms for wireless communication systems Hands-on experience on synchronization loops, equalization, error control codes, pre-distortion, RF impairments compensation, sampling rate conversion. Solid theoretical background in the areas of digital signal processing and digital communications. Dimitris has worked for Intracom ,a Greek group of companies, specializing in computer and defense system software development. Being the author of 2 publications and holder of the engineer of the year title, he provides the team with the right knowledge and guidance.

Kostantinos Flampouras (CTO)

Konstantinos is career-oriented professional with 15 years of experience in network engineering and network security engineering, a skilled and hardworking ITC professional with diverse networking and computing experience a Cisco certified network engineer capable of designing, implementing and documenting complex corporate networks to oversee and protect critical information infrastructures and networks. Highly experienced and professional, consistently delivering on customer transformational projects. Exceptional customer intimacy attributes, coupled with deep industry and technology knowledge. True technical leadership and innovation, high motivation, team work and above all fully dedicated to customer excellence, with proven success on both management and individual contributor levels. Excellent communicator and coach, sales driven, coupled with focus in total customer satisfaction He leads the Tech team of Gospic to provide the best possible results and overcome any technical problems.